Loyalty Points

 I Love Tunics Loyalty Program Steps

Get rewarded for shopping! at I Love Tunics. Earn points by simply opening an account and then every time you place an order. Using our loyalty login dashboard will allow you to track your accrued points for all completed transactions

In a Nutshell

Create an account & get 200 points
Make a purchase & earn 5 points for every $1 spent

Redeem Points

500 points for $5 gift card
1,000 points for $10 gift card
1,500 points for $15 gift card



1) Create an account

On our website you can find the loyalty points panel on the bottom of the page


By simply signing up you receive welcome points to get you started


2) Earn loyalty points



3) Redeem loyalty points

Once you have created an account you automatically earn points every time you shop. To redeem the points select the rewards denomination & click on 'Get reward'



4) Code generated

Once you click on 'Get reward' it will generate a code that needs to be copied


4) Apply at checkout

Paste the copied code at the time of checkout where it asks 'Do you have a 'Gift card or discount code' the redeemed amount will be deducted from total order amount





I have misplaced my discount code - No problems! login to your a/c, then select 'Get rewards' link and scroll down to view previously issued rewards voucher

I can't remember my password - No Problems! just click on 'Forgot your password?' link & we will send you an email to reset your password

No gimmicky Lucky Draws - Earn & track points for every dollar you spend. Our regular VIP ladies have redeemed $100's  Any problems contact us and we will get back to you asap!



Earn Extra Points - Refer a friend

Amazing Offer! Give your friend/s free shipping on their first purchase from I Love Tunics and earn 500 points as well if they spend over $49. How awesome is that!




1) Log into your loyalty dashboard


 2) Select 'Refer a friend' option 


3) It will display all the options of how to share the offer with your friend/s. It also reveals a unique referral code that you can share via other ways such as texting or over the phone


4) The unique referral code can only be used once. So if you would like to share with more people then you need to generate the code again by clicking the 'refer a friend' button again


5) For example, when an email is selected it will automatically create a message on your behalf. All you have to do is enter your friend's email address


6) The email will be sent to your friend/s will appear as below 


7) Upon clicking the link, it will take your friend/s to our website and a pop up will appear showing then their free shipping code. This code will only appear if they are not a member already or shopped with us in the past


8) Once an order is placed by your friend/s for $49 & above your account will be automatically credited with 500 points 14 days after the order was placed.