Using Gift Cards & Discount Codes


If you have a gift card or discount code that you would like to redeem then simply add your item/s to cart as usual and then at checkout stage copy & paste the code in the field that has 'Gift card or discount code' written

If you are using a computer - desktop or laptop it is the screen after you click on 'checkout' button. It will look like below. Once the code is entered correctly the total price will change to match the redeemed discount or credit

If you are using a mobile phone or tablet the first step is adding your product/s to cart & pressing the 'Checkout' button. The next step is 'Shipping information' page - here you will be entering your address details and then proceed to the next stage of the order - the 'Payment' details page 

It is at this stage where you will see the 'Gift card and discount code' field. Paste the code here and you will see the total price will reflect the amendment if the discount/credit code has successfully been accepted by system. Please see below mobile screenshot



Please ensure that the total price is reflecting the adjustment before paying for any remaining balance. If you are having any issues, you are welcome to email or call us